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School Meals

Our meals are supplied by Waltham Forest Catering


About Waltham Forest Catering

Waltham Forest Catering is the council’s in-house school meals provider and is the largest provider of meals in Waltham Forest. They produce approximately 12 000 meals a day to 58 school sites, including Opossum schools.

Their highly qualified and experienced team of managers, cooks and catering assistants work together to ensure that the meals meet the highest standards and that a high quality service is provided.

Waltham Forest Catering are committed to healthy eating and do this by providing a balanced choice of meals daily. The menu planning takes careful consideration of current nutritional advice, popular dishes, the diversity of our community and the availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The service’s School Meals Strategy, supports their aim to encourage more children and young people to choose healthy school meals and increase the number of them benefiting from having a tasty and nutritious school lunch.


Free School Meals for all pupils

All children in state-funded London schools are eligible for free school meals. This could save you up to £440 per year per child. Further information can be found at


What’s on the Menu?

Waltham Forest Catering ensure there is an excellent, wide variety of tasty school lunches every day of the week, including Caribbean, Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and traditional dishes, so there is something for everyone’s taste.

The lunches consist of a main course and dessert made fresh on the premises each day, freshly baked bread and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy unlimited vegetables and salad items as part of the main meal, helping children to get their 5-a-day!

Please click on the attachment below for further information on the School Meal Menu

Nutritional Standards for School Lunches

The nutritional standards mean that school meals must contain the set minimum and maximum levels of nutrients to provide the optimal nutritional balance.

School meals meet the Government’s rigorous nutritional standards, which have been put in place to make meals healthier and give children what they need to develop, grow and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


Some families in each year group may be eligible for Free School Meals. Please visit Waltham Forest’s Free School Meals information page to check your eligibility and to apply.