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Curriculum Overview

At Dawlish Primary School, children in the early years foundation stage experience learning and opportunities that equip them with the fundamental skills required for lifelong learning. The learning that takes place begins with experience and pupil interests. It is through these moments, that practitioners plan a curriculum that stimulates, excites and challenges learners. All children are encouraged to share what they know and to develop lines of enquiry that are explored through each learning topic. This allows children to build on prior learning, make connections and extend learning further. They are encouraged to be confident speakers, good listeners, respectful, caring and kind to everyone they encounter. Children know the importance of the Opossum Values and how they are expected to demonstrate these in their daily interactions. Pupils across our early years’ settings are adaptable, positive and resilient when approaching challenges, they adapt well to change and are able to learn at a consistently high standard. They have positive relationships with the practitioners in the setting and know how to keep themselves and others safe. Our emphasis on parent and carer partnerships encourages learning beyond the classroom and that every child is able to achieve personal targets. The children in our setting are happy, confident and engaged learners who enjoy their school experiences and value the opportunity to learn something new every day.